Our Process

Our top priority is helping you reach your destination, whether that’s a secure retirement, funding a college education, or leaving a legacy to your heirs.  Our process to helping you reach your destination is a unique client-centered goals-based approach.

Meeting One

It all begins with discovery.  Our discovery process encourages you to think about your life and articulate and prioritize your goals.

Financial Planning and Investment Philosophy:
There are two goals for this portion of the meeting. The first is to share our philosophy on financial planning and investing and how we use our unique process to make the most tax-efficient use of your resources . The second is to clearly establish your risk tolerance to be used along the way to your financial wellness.

Financial Wellness:
This review of your cash-flow projections over the long term focuses on how much you need to save if you are pre-retirement and how much you can spend each year if you are already financially independent.  We will also discuss your risk capacity and adjust your plan accordingly.

Meeting Two

Investment Policy Guidelines and Portfolio Recommendations:
With goals in hand, we work with you to determine the most appropriate investment strategy that will help you reach your goals and is consistent with your risk tolerance and risk capacity.

Education Funding:
We analyze the cost of educating your children or grandchildren and discuss the most effective strategies to funding this goal.

Income Tax Review:
Together, we walk through the details of your current income tax return and, when possible, recommended strategies to reduce current/future taxes or provide for more available resources throughout your retirement (i.e. sometimes forgoing a current tax deduction will better benefit you over time).

Business Planning and Income Tax Review:
We will review various business matters such as entity selection and creation, asset protection, owner compensation determination, review and selection of employer benefit plans (401(k)s, defined benefit plans, etc.), and tax savings strategies specific to your business.

Risk Management Review:
This session looks at your various insurance policies such as automobile, life, disability, and long-term care. We make recommendations for termination or additional coverage where necessary.

Estate and Legacy Planning Review:
Is passing wealth to your heirs or your community of importance to you?  Does your current estate plan meet this goal or objective?  This meeting answers that question.  If needed, we will work closely with your estate-planning attorney (or assist you in engaging one) to implement changes.

Meeting Three

Financial Plan Review and Implementation Plan:
During this meeting will review your completed financial plan and recommend a simple straightforward implement our recommended strategies.  We will also discuss the scheduling of your future Progress meetings.

Assessment Interview:
We ask for your feedback on our progress to date in regard to your initial goals and want to hear any recommendations for improving our process or service.

Meeting Four

Family Meeting:
If you choose, we review your financial plan with your adult children. This provides a forum for you communicate important issues with family members.

Meeting 5 and thereafter

Progress Meetings.

An important element of goal achievement is monitoring and follow-up.  We will keep you informed on your progress to goals, and continually assess your plan as your life circumstances change (most clients prefer an annual meeting).  Ultimately, we have only one goal – to ensure you stay on the right path to reaching your ultimate destination.

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