Our Clients

Clients are often unsure what they want from financial advice.  Some are looking for assurances about meeting their financial goals.  Others express a desire for greater stability and peace of mind,  and many are concerned about protecting what they have.  Although clients may come to us for different reasons, there are many commonalities our clients share.

We have found our services are typically most effective for clients with many of the following characteristics:


  • Have family and other relationships that are important to them
  • Are nice people who are enjoyable to spend time with
  • Are committed to achieving their goals and value the advice of professional advisers
  • Choose to delegate management and reporting of their finances to experts, so they can pursue other interests


  • Have no or little consumer debt (i.e. credit cards) and
  • Are saving at least 10% of their gross income (if not yet retired) and
  • Have household incomes greater than $500,000 and/or investment accounts (including company plans) greater than $1,000,000

If you are interested in becoming a client please complete our Initial Client Questionnaire.  Once received, we will contact you promptly to schedule a no obligation initial meeting.

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