Destination Your Goals: Retirement Planning

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It all begins with dis­co­very.  We help you ar­tic­ulate and pri­or­it­ize your goals.  Is it re­tiring com­for­tab­ly?  Sending children to college?  Passing Wealth to your heirs or your community?  Probably all of the above.  Setting goals is vital, but so is prioritizing and understanding the tradeoffs.

How do we identify goals?  Our discovery process encourages you to think about your life and future in practical ways.  Goals and priorities are a function of your time horizon and personal circumstances.   We organize goals around four simple priorities: “have to now” versus “have to later” and “want to now” versus “want to later”.  This logical and simple approach to goal setting will pay dividends through your life.  It will promote confidence, discourage irrational behavior and keep you positioned for long-term financial wellness.

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